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by Michael on July 18, 2017

Thanks to Doug Moe, Mr. Madison, for a nice writeup in his Madison Magazine blog. He says Much Ado is “delightful.” Obviously a man of taste and breeding, Doug has been writing about Madison and its people for close to 40 years now.


Monday Night in Madison

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by Michael on June 18, 2017

If you’re in or around Madison on Monday night (June 19), please join me at A Room of One’s Own Bookstore, 315 W Gorham, at 6 PM. I’ll be hawking and talking, selling and signing. Would love to see you there. More info here.

room of one's own


Much Ado at Printers Row

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by Michael on May 26, 2017

Happy to say I will be appearing at the Printers Row Lit Fest on Saturday, June 10, with Cari Lynn, Neil Steinberg, and Rick Kogan. More details here.

More Radio

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by Michael on December 22, 2016

Thanks to the Chicago Tribune‘s Rick Kogan for a relaxed and gracious interview on WGN Radio. You can listen here. Of course the whole show is fascinating, but if you’re in a hurry the Much Ado segment starts at about 17:00.

Love This List

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by Michael on December 21, 2016

Remember your newspaper’s books section? It died and went to cyberspace and became the National Book Review. I’ve always wanted to be on their weekly Hot 5 list: “five books people are talking about this week, or should be.” And here I am! Thank you Elizabeth Taylor, Chicago book goddess.


Chapter 4: Beatrice

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by Michael on December 13, 2016

In late summer 2013, when David Frank knew for sure he would be directing Much Ado, he didn’t have to think about who would be his Beatrice: Colleen Madden would. She is one of the company’s stars, a small woman with a big voice, an extraordinary actress. I saw her take Benedick’s arm in playful surrender to their newly blossomed love, and moments later I watched enraptured as he knelt before her and asked, “How doth your cousin?” more

Much Ado on Radio

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by Michael on December 7, 2016

I was interviewed by Veronica Rueckert and Rob Ferrett of Wisconsin Public Radio’s Central Time. We talked about the book, APT, and the creation of the play’s magic moment. Listen here.

Chapter 2: Play in the Woods

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by Michael on November 28, 2016

Back in the days when whimsy was thought to be a desirable quality for internet addresses, APT’s website was playinthewoods.org. The woods, and trekking through them from the parking lot to the “Up the Hill” stage, have always been an important part of the company’s identity. And despite its unlikely location just south of Spring Green, Wisconsin, population 1,628, APT ranks among the country’s elite classical theater companies, with an annual budget of about $6 million and ticket sales of more than 100,000 each season.

The company was founded in 1979 by a small group of big thinkers more

Chapter One: Much Ado

by Michael October 3, 2016
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Out in the woods, a trumpet sounds. Then sounds again, louder and closer. Up on the bridge that looms over center stage, young Hero appears in a pouffy peach dress. She looks off toward the sound as though she is waiting for something. Could this be it? Music begins—an oboe line floating prettily over a […]

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In Stores Now

by Michael September 23, 2016

…or at least in one of our favorite stores, Arcadia Books in Spring Green. John Christensen, the manager there, says his shipment has arrived and he’ll start selling today, September 23. If you’re not close enough to stop in, order from Arcadia and get free shipping with the code freeship16. The book should be available at […]

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